1. Is American Bicycle Rental a national chain?
No. We are a small, local family owned bicycle rental company. We have only one location in one city, and it is right here in our hometown of New Orleans. Through our hard work, we laid the foundation for the vibrant bicycle rental industry that New Orleans now enjoys.

2. What kind of bikes do you rent?
Our entire inventory consists of 1-speed, coaster brake, custom ordered, American made cruiser bicycles. We do not offer mountain bikes (New Orleans has neither mountains nor hills), hybrids, road bikes, multi-speed bikes, bikes with hand brakes, penny farthings or unicycles. Cruiser bikes are our specialty.

3. Can I make a reservation?
No. We no longer take reservations. We operate on a first come, first served basis. We have a large fleet of bikes; if it is a busy weekend or festival time, your best bet is to arrive between 9 and 11 am for the best opportunity of securing your rental.

4. How old does the person have to be to be able to rent a bicycle?
18 or older. If the rider is younger than 18, the rider must have a parent or a legal guardian present and must give permission for the minor to ride by signing the, “Release, Waiver, and Liability Agreement”. This is standard paperwork that is filled out by every one of our riders.

5. Is there any deposit required for renting a bicycle?
A valid U.S. ID, valid passport and a credit card are necessary for your rental. We do not take “pre-paid” cards in lieu of a credit card for deposit requirements. We will not rent a bike to anyone without a valid ID and credit card, no exceptions.

6. What do I have to bring with me?
A valid ID, passport, credit card and a smile.

7. What should I wear?
We suggest you to wear something casual and comfortable, appropriate dress for the weather conditions is advised. We also recommend wearing closed toed shoes; sandals or flip-flops are discouraged because of the high chances of toe injuries as well as the chance that they may fall off your feet while riding creating a safety hazard.

8. Do you provide your customers with a helmet, a lock, a basket, lights or a map of the city?
Absolutely. And the best part, they are all included in the rental price. All women’s bikes and a few men’s bikes have baskets.

9. Do you rent baby seats or tow-behinds?
No. Because of liability issues, we do not offer these products.

10. Do you offer any multilingual services?
Nope, we speak English. All riders must be able to speak and read English. If you can’t read the contract or understand our riding instructions, we cannot rent you a bike. For safety’s sake, this is our policy.

11. Do you offer discounts for larger groups?
No. We feel that the rental prices are a great deal. Business is great! We don’t have any issues renting our bikes and often sell out our inventory on a daily basis.

12. What should I do if my bicycle needs repair during my rental period?
You should return the bicycle to the store. We will replace your bicycle with a new one and extend your rental period for another hour.

13. Are there any unsafe areas that I should not ride?
As in any big city, there are places that we discourage our riders from visiting, we will tell you where these places are. Our custom bike map also highlights these areas so you will know where not to go. If you follow the instructions that we give you before you depart, you should be just fine. Common sense and good instincts should guide your way.

14. Do you sell any refreshments at the store?
Yes. We have a fully fridge stocked of cold water for $1.50 per bottle.

15. Do you include any tips in the price?
No. However, if you think that the service was exceptional, any gratuity is highly appreciated by our outstanding employees.

16. Can I get a refund once I leave the office?
No. Once you leave the office on the bike, your rental period has begun and no refunds will be issued.

17. Can I drink alcohol before or during my bike ride?
No and no. Louisiana DUI laws that apply to automobiles also apply to bicycles. If you are pulled over by police while riding your bike intoxicated, you will be charged with a DUI and taken to jail; this charge will also go on your driving record. Alcohol and bikes do not mix and is against the law. Even though this is New Orleans, you cannot ride a bike while intoxicated.